Agrobacterium Chemically Competent Cells

Chemically competent cells are calcium chloride treated to facilitate attachment of the plasmid DNA  to the competent cell membrane. The competent cell is alternatively heated in a water bath, this opens the pores of the cell membrane allowing entry of the plasmid. Chemically competent cells are the best solution for general cloning and subcloning application.

Flexible Packaging Formats

Each project has its own unique requirements, many of Invitrogen’s competent cells are offered in a variety of packaging formats.

Options available for chemically competent cells:

  • One-Shot – Transformation and recovery in the same tube.
  • MultiShot StripWell – 12 strips of 8 tubes in a 96 well format; do as many or as few reactions as needed
  • MultiShot FlexPlate – 96 well plate divisible into 12 x 8-well segments. Manual or automated applications
  • MultiShot – 96-well microarray plates fit the automated format
  • Standard – Economical option

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